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The Academic Center for Geriatric Dentistry is a collaboration between the Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish Public Dental Service, Stockholms County Council and the Stockholm Nursing Home Foundation. 

The Academic Center for Geriatric Dentistry shall through basic science, clinical research and clinical dental care increase the knowledge of oral health, and improve the oral health of elderly individuals in the Stockholm County. The Center shall also convey and communicate knowledge and information of the oral health in elderly.

With the increasing average age of the population, the prevalence of serious health problems have shifted towards older age when many develop a need for increased health care provision, including dental care.  Since more people retain their teeth into old age there is an increased demand for high quality oral care. The performed reconstructive therapies are often fixed prosthodontics instead of removable dentures. Today elderly receive dental implants, crowns and bridges. Not only does this improve the quality of life but is also linked to an increased risk: In spite of a perceived good general health the majority of elderly today suffer from general diseases and are prescribed medications that negatively affect oral health. Thus, remaining teeth and advanced constructions are in danger of destruction by complications such as dental caries due to hyposalivation.

The knowledge of oral health in elderly is limited and there is a great demand for research, not least to survey oral health. A challenge for dental research is to develop methods to prevent oral diseases in elderly, and at the same time improve the current methods and their cost effectiveness. Many elderly need help with their oral hygiene. Nursing staff need knowledge and skills to supply and satisfy oral hygiene caregiving.

For information about ACT’s mission and ongoing research projects, please see the Mission Statement and the Project Catalogue.